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2006-02-15 - 8:07 p.m.

Crazy4muffin asks how I feel about Cheney shooting the lawyer....I can think of a couple scenarios:

1. Maybe Cheney was drunk off his Ass. I've been hunting and never shot anyone or been shot, so Cheney being the big hunting Sahib is either very Fucked up or just plain stupid.

2. Maybe the much rumored "Hidden Government", whoever they might be, told Cheney he wasn't carrying his part of the N.W.O. load, so we need this guy offed and we want you to do it personally. Carry this off and your back in our good graces. Cheney being the Wimp Asswipe he is, couldn't even shoot the guy right.

3. For being a Dick, Cheney did do something right! O.K. I just admitted Cheney actually did something right! He shot a Lawyer! If you've read much of my diary, you know my opinion of Attorneys....

If you haven't, I'll refresh you:

1. The next time I need a lawyer I'm going to hire a female one and put it right in the contract that we Fuck, right at the start of our association. That way, I'll enjoy getting screwed by an attorney at least once on my terms... cause I know I'm going to get screwed sooner or later by the attorney and I'd like to enjoy it at least once!

2. Some people steal money with a gun and some people steal money with a law degree!

3. An attorney in court once asked me since I didn't believe in attorneys, if I were the defendent, would I prefer to be in court alone or represented by him. I replied, "The mere fact you and your client are here at trial, proves you don't have the contacts or juice to get him off."

Enough of that...I'm sure D.A.s are a different breed. So I still love you Miss CrazyMuffin!
The house is finally up for sale, I'm only asking $340K for it, so tell all your friends about it. The party back yard comes with a refrigerator of beer and the hot tub is steaming for the Buyer. I might do a website, and put up dozens of pics. I'll let you know so you can email all your friends with the URL. Word of mouth will sell this one cause the first serious person to see it will undoubtably buy it.

I want to win the lottery tonight $300 million...enough to last me awhile, even considering inflation. If I win I might just visit every one of you! Go ahead, hold me to it! Just make sure I win....

Spending his money already, Curiouoso* dreams of smart sexy women who have passed the bar. Curiouoso* passes bars every day without stopping, Six weasels is the only one who admits publicly here she can't pass the bar!


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