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2007-01-21 - 3:41 p.m.

So many things to think about this week! I've survived most of a week alone, and the puupies either are really good or REALLY BAD. In the morning I figured a way to get everyone fed and out for thier business with a minimum of hassle, but when I get home is another story. Puppies want attention, Midnight wants to eat and crap and then terrorize puppies. They on the other hand want to play with him, me being the "referee", you know, stopping any of them from biting anothers ear off or somesuch.

Amy called from Galway and the news isn't good. Mom called 5 minutes later and ran down a long story about some friends of hers and dads, that both passed away recently. Meanwhile Midnite was patrolling the kitchen, hunting for food, Bo was chewing the face off an old easter bunny and Anya was alternating between getting the pee scared out of her by Middy (on my Lazy Boy chair of course) and tring to chew up an electrical cord.

I*m losing about 4 pounds a week and got real good news from my doctor.

I believe I mentioned I wanted to take a memory and brain function test because my short term memory seems to be getting worse. It finally got scheduled last Wednesday, 4 hours of tests of cognitive function, short term memory, reasoning ability, motor skills and logic tests. they each start slow and work up to higher levels. I was somewhat disapointed in my performance as I used to be very good at these things. I was joking with the test administrator like for the question of who is the current president, I answered "You know Shrub Boy!" She wouldn't take that for answer, so she said to try again. I said it appeared there really wasn't any "real" president at the moment. That didn't do either, so I finally said Shrub Boy Bush!

I also Had some minor differences with her on word meanings. I'm not very black or white in most of my opinons, so I had to giver 3 or 4 meanings foreach word.

At the end I really felt stupid. The kind of stupid where you think, "I better hold on to this job forever because I'm obviously too dense to learn anything new!"

Friday I got the results.... While my doctor didn't review each catagory, the tests indicated I was "far superior" in most catagories for my age group. (is that age 50 to 60, or 55 to 155 or among crippled altzheimer patients?) I was at or above average in the rest except one, where i slipped to below aveage,but not by much. I was elated . I really felt things weren't going to be good. The few catagories that I wasn't superior in were generally catagries that were most likely affected by the stoke.

So no "Flowers for Algernon" for me! HERE

You see, I thought I was perfect, but I was egotistical, so I went to the doctor and HE cured me. Now I am perfect!

Curiouoso* Perfecto


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