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2006-05-19 - 8:56 p.m.

Today was my last day at the hospital. Now back to the Clinic. That's ok, I've seen Brain Surgery, Open chest surgery and more than enough incontinent patients!

This week was ugly for my stocks. If there had been an open window, more than 5 stories up, I might have used it. I lost over $12,000 in 6 market days. That's 4 months sooner I'll be retiring in a cardboard box. Maybe one of my wonderful readers will take pity on me and let me pitch my box in thier basement in the summer?

Luckily We might have turned the corner today. Day trading like a crazy man I managed to turn a $2000. loss in to a $1200. gain. I feel we are well setup for a recovery in commodity (read precious metals) prices. Perhaps with luck and stuff (?) I'll be back up by June 1st. Remember by the 15th I'm supposed to be another $10,000 ahead! Thats about $20,000 in 18 or so days!??? Not impossible, but highly unlikely.

We recieved another letter today that indicates that even were I to win a Billion or so in the lottery, We probably wouldn't be able to keep it!

What exactly am I saying? No matter how carefull you and I are about our finances and financial information, there's always an Asshole company that will lose it for us by carelessness.

Yep, I recieved a letter from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage today, from an executive vice president, Susan A. Davis, who sincerely apologizes that, through thier carelessness of shipping a laptop computer, undoubtably running Windows XP, that paragon of security operating system, with my personal info on it, including acct numbers and my social Sec. #, may have been stolen from "A global express shipping company".

I'm reminded that the laptop containing my info, THAT NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON A PORTABLE SYSTEM, but should have remained on a mainframe somewhere, WITH ONLY A LINK TO ACCESS IT, has 2, READ EM, TWO, LAYERS OF SECURITY, protecting me! I guess I'm a Dumbshit consumer, that doesn't realize layer 1 is the password, that is worthless if you have physical access to the machine, due to such programs as ****,

"A note on security:
We hope this article has been useful to you. As you can see, there are a fair number of ways to get around Windows 2000/XP's password security systems, especially if you have physical access to the computer in question."

And layer 2 security, most likely windows encrytion, easily bypassed by those in the know, "Office XP's encryption can stop most people from viewing your data, but determined thieves and spies will have little trouble opening Office XP encrypted files."


Then last month it was 1 of my Visa cards that regetfully informed me both my card number and password had been compromised, so lucky me was getting a new card in the mail.

So sooner or later I'm sure I'll be even more pennyless than I am now.

Thank You, trustworthy financial companies for offering to indemnify me(NOT) against your FUCKING STUPIDITY in case I lose money through your DICKLESS, DUMBSHIT BEHAVIOR!

CURIOUOSO* would like to shoot one of those bastards as a lesson to the rest, maybe MS. DAVIS? Or maybe we could just behead her and put her head on a pike outside Wells Fargo's main office with a sign, I FUCKED UP!

I'm sure she has a multicolored "Parachute" if she gets fired, but the head on pike solution makes sure she won't profit from thier mistakes!

ANYONE ELSE FOR MY SOLUTION? Or do we have to take this crap in silence?

************************************* Now for the usual disclaimr: Generally you can trust that most of what is written here has some basis in reality; with a slight spin of course. I have never nor do I intend to borrow Lizzie Borden's old axe and use it on Ms. Davis. I just want everyone to visualize how such a scene might impress those entrusted with our personal information, to actually take care of it like they care. I'm quite resentful that just anyone can legally buy or obtain most anything about me they want, and use it as they see fit, even though it maybe totally fallacious or wrong info, Garbage in - Garbage out stuff, and I have no right to check it or control MY own facts! Then, without any express permission, they can be careless and potentially ruin my credit and create major hassles that last for years, and not be held responsible! Come to think of it Curiouoso* just convinced himself that IS a termination offense!


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