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2004-12-17 - 1103335458

He knows not what he does....Yep that chihuahua next door doesn't realize how close he is to becoming taco meat. Around here they are one of the perferred breeds. Chihuahuas and Pit bulls, neither are my favorites.

Yap,yap,yap, with an occaisonal yip thrown in. All day, all night. When does that little bastard sleep? Whenever I leave the house?

I love dogs...I've had a few and Mr. Midnite, the minority dog, has been the best, but he very seldom makes a big noise. A big smell yes - sometimes, but he doesn't even fart loud....something we wish we might have a warning on.

If he only knew that as a child a few friends and I single handedly sent not 1 but 2 (yep two) species to the endangered list, where they reside today, barely hanging on. There is no truth to the rumor that the San Bruno Elfin Butterfly (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) was another of our victims. We never caught that many butterflys in our nets.

Well I'm not proud of it, but as children playing in the local stream (read mostly water runoff sewer drainage) the literally millions of frogs that hatched every year were the perfect pets, though short lived. In the summers the snakes we called "yellow" or "red" racers, were always fun to catch and keep. Unfortunately the mortality rate on all the above was 100%.

A few years ago I was in the area and stopped to see the house. Most of the cow pasture was still there near the San Francisco airport. That area was built up as much as possible when I was still a child. I cruised around the neighborhood and noticed a big sign where we used to play. No admittance - Keep Out. Endangered species - Protected habitat.

California red-legged frogs and the San Francisco garter snake, both endangered species since about 1966 (?), the slender 3-foot snake has an orange head, bright greenish-blue belly and, down its back, a greenish-yellow strip edged in black and bordered by red and black, tops the list of 115 animals and plants that need help in avoiding extinction.

The little critters aren't helping themselves much, since the adult frogs munch baby snakes on occaison and the snakes like nothing more than frog legs (and the rest of the frog) for dinner every night.

Moral of the story: Don't let your kids constantly mess with the local wildlife...You never know when it may become endangered. Also, watch the poisens you use - frogs don't seem to like them much.

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Back to the pest next door....If someone doesn't clue him into "Attila Tommy the species hun" soon I'm going to get some Mountain lion piss and pour it all over the yard next door. The little yipper might have a heart attack when he smells that, or better perhaps a studly male mountain lion will scent it and come running. Instead of a mate he will find his dinner, Mr taco meat chihuahua!

Does anyone know where to buy Mountain Lion Piss cheap? Curiouoso*

p.s. )One more reason to hate those Bush Bastards: "This settlement is really bad news for the frog," attorney Mike Sherwood said. "And Americans should be concerned that this represents an underhanded effort by the Bush administration to dismantle essential components of the Endangered Species Act." Ugly Story Here


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