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2009-03-27 - 9:31 p.m.

I'm a bit miffed right now. I know I haven't any right to be but my best laid plans are coming to fruition, mice or no mice. It just was fruitioning at the pace I wanted them too.

Amy is visiting, flying out last night into our major windstorm that wouldn't cooperate with planes landing, so her 9:30 flight actually landed at 11:00 P.M.....but not in Phoenix, no they flew circles around phoenix then went to Las Vegas. Of course I'm waiting here not there till they finally flew back at 2:00 A.M. But here she is and we've been having fun today.

Now you may remember (or not) that I don't like to go out to eat alone or to the movies etc. So I've been saying I want to get a woman on a Friendly basis to go out with me. I've considered some, too young or too married or too fun, or maybe too likely to get me in trouble with Amy.

I finally found the perfect candidate, 37, pretty, could be Amy's sister cause she has the same build but younger and slimmer, same blue eyes, and really personable. Her saving grace from Amy's standpoint is she is very religious oriented, a virgen till married and wouldn't dream of any untoward ideas or actions. I introduced them and they got along and Amy approves of my choice.

If I can stand the "Praise Gods" and "Thank the Lords", I'm in like Flynn!

Tonight though at dinner, I wanted to "seal the deal" and get her phone number, but she was spending too much time with Ryan's friend and others to talk to much.

So while not in a snit, I' went home and will now have to wait a couple of weeks till she gets back from her vacation to get things moving.

All my plans going perfectly, but now hung up. I hate it when I don't get my way!!!

I have an interview next thursday that should be good. Lets hope so. 2 weeks out of work is near my breaking point!

Think good thoughts for me, Curiouoso*


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