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2008-06-08 - 7:47 p.m.

We went to the wedding in Compton,Ca. yesterday. It was fun to see the Groom's parents, Deb & Ben. (I'm getting a bit confused over who is who, but they haven't figured in here for so long it probably doesn't matter what I named them last time.) They lived right near us for 18 years or so and Our daughter and thier daughter were in school together as was our son and the groom. They brought thier kids up slightly different from us. I was the "the What the Hell, stay out of trouble and have a good time", just use your head and ask if things seem to be getting out of control, with Amy being the control parent (Go to church, brush your teeth, and don't let the dog out!)Deb goes to a medium strict Church, but mostly it was just what they could or couldn't watch on TV or at the movies.

Thier daughter turned out pretty normal, but E is very religious. He went to Africa for 6 months to live in mud huts and be a minister. The church he and his bride go to doesn't allow dancing, drinking, Fornification (except to make children...) etc.

I was surprised I got in the door! Actually, now that I think about it I didn't get in the door, as the wedding was held outside. He is 22 and his bride, 28. She is very attractive and seems crazy about him. When we met them last year they made a point of thier love, but we heard how they were saving each other till marriage....just a little too much personal info! He had no choice, he never had a girlfriend before.

There was a period of 3 1/2 hours when they were gone between the wedding and the reception. It turned out they had gone for more pictures, but the partier table, that's us(!), had decided that they just couldn't wait any longer so had gone for a quickie only to realize they weren't quite the sexperts yet, so it took that long to figure it out!

I wonder about couples who never experiance anything with other relationships etc. and how they are possibly going to learn and grow for the long run. It seems to me like taking your 1962 comet to a nascar race and expecting to keep up with the big dogs with no experiance!

I knew we were in trouble when the minister said grace before dinner. He blessed the food, the farmers that grew it, the poor farm workers tired feet that picked it, the earth it grew in, the rains that nurtured it, God's love for us all who witnessed for him to everyone to help save thier souls, and on and on and on.

Then the Bride and Groom Kariokied thier love to each other via "From This Day On". They cut the cake, but smushing it to each others face was also against thier religion, it appeared, so that didn't fly. Then we were treated to a DJ playing that Horrid Fake Rock & Roll with God or Jesus inseted into it to make "Plastic Christian Rock." Stand by your man became something like "Stand by your God" and Love me like a rock, "Love me like a rock of Jesus"!

I really didn't want to hear the Christian Rock version of Iron Butterfly, in a gadda da vida!

Afterwards, we went to the hotel and partied with Deb and Ben drinking Champaigne till 2 AM. At least they weren't completely going for the "No Alcohol" rule! We were really tired today after that and Friday's "close the bar" thing we did. My Co-worker from Nicaragua had a great time, he had never been to a wedding before!

The high point of my partying was when I was at the bar with F., and this woman came up to me and said I looked like a cop. I replied I was undercover FBI and f. confirmed it. She said really? So I said "Yep, and I'm going to have to arrest you so come out the car to be handcuffed, so we can both be "under the covers" and she agreed! Amy showed up right then so it was Wives 1 - Crimefighters 0 !! Life is tough and then you die!

Curiouoso* all wedding-ing out.


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