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2009-01-11 - 7:59 p.m.

Now the New Year is off and running,I need to change a few things around here. 6 cars and 1 motorcycle, far too many for 3 people. Wednesday, when Anna is on her way back to California that will leave 5 for 2. A womam called yesterday to ask about the Saturn,said she would come by today, but flaked. I'd really like to sell that cause it would pay off more bills around here.

I worked extra this last week to help pay for some of the moving expenses. It seems I filled up my next weekend so full that I'll have to follow a script to get to everything. I decided to put a desk into the master bedroom cause I have too much crap in the office. I'll put one of the computers there.

i think I should start throwing a lot of stuff away. Maybe I'll experiance that liberating feeling I've heard you can get when you get rid of stuff.

Most likely I'll become a fixture at Goodwill dropping off ton's of stuff instead.

Did you read about that prisoner in Texas, That pulled out his eye and ate it? After murdering his wife son and daughter, removing thier hearts then walking to the police and telling them what he did, he was arrested and went to trial. The state apparently agreed he had mental problems but was sane enough for texas to go to trial. Now, after the eye incident, they have agreed he should get counseling!

I'm not totally pro death penalty, but this guy is definately a danger to himself and everyone. He'd be on my list to permanently remove from society. Like wise the pscho guy in Phoenix that decided not to take his meds anymore and was known around the nieghborhood for being nuts. In December he bashed in two kids heads, 7 & 10, at the park with a bseball bat.They died and he's up for murder. Go to trial I say, but if found guilty, this is another useless crazy person we would be better off without.

I'm looking forward to Wednesday and California, but not to leaving Amy there. I'm devising lots of ways to keep busy around here including a diet and exercise and some activities.

I think I'll go to bed now. Go Cardinals!

Curiouoso* drifts off lazily towards the big soft bed.......


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