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2006-09-24 - 6:34 p.m.

I was checking my stats as I tend to do prior to reading my favorites, when I noticed a large number of pages read. I checked to see who that might be and saw that Bashing You finally decided to respond to my opinion of them. I also noticed they apparently had to read many pages and hit the site multiple times before they decided to go back and attack the original pages. I guess they are real intelligent, NOT! Bashing You

It took a year for this person to write another entry (and apparently realize that I had written a response to thier drivel), which was another attack on my blog/diary.

This abortion of an excuse for a real person is so clever and literate in the answer to me, that she not only attacks my writing, but my picture and my daughter's picture.

I guess you felt it was OK to insult my daughter, even though she has nothing to do with my diary or you.

Well you are wrong, Bitch!

I didn't insult "your pictures", even though I don't believe for a minute there are three of you, or that any are really of you, because people with any class wouldn't confuse a picture with web site content.

But I guess if you were attractive, had any class, any intelligence or personality, we wouldn't be having this "flame war" would we?

If you had any of those qualities maybe you'd be getting married like Mel just did, instead of wasting your life as a putrid, miserable loser attacking people you don't even know.

Our side of the family at the wedding.



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