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2009-02-05 - 5:20 p.m.

I had every intention of doing an entry today but just can't get up the desire to.

I had an atrocious day today at work starting at 10 to 5 in the morning. The group's asst. big kahuna didn't like the fact some experimental test software was installed on one of our new laptops by my boss and my ex-boss.

He isn't my boss, but for the sake of a pleasant work life I really bend over backwards to placate him.

Being a micro manager, who usually defers to my advice etc., he can't stand it when something doesn't go exactly as he planned. So today, when a last minute change had the software installed on a different laptop than he planned, he hit the roof and demanded I remove it immediately.

This put me in a difficult spot. My Boss and his boss put that on the laptop. It wasn't a problem because it wasn't even in service. but I can't remove something arbitrarily that they spent a couple hours working on in this location because asst. Kuhuna has a hissy fit.

This was even worse because I'm sick of the abuse, but I still like him and I'm the only one who will work with him. My boss has already stated that any more problems with asst. Kahuna will result in a formal complaint to H.R.

Besides with the cutbacks coming who wants to complain?

El Fucko! Then my new image I did for the laptops worked fine in 1 week of testing by users in the field. Somehow being made into the official software image by someone else resulted in the first four new laptops failing over and over. So who looks like crap? The guy (me) who has to try to make them work again to the tune of four hours each!

That's enough complaining, Curiouoso* is outta here for dinner and strong margaritas! Tomorrow is friday, and who needs to be sober on fridays?


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