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2006-03-13 - 6:46 p.m.

I'm having such a hard time getting down to write these days.

Possibly it's the selling of the house stuff. We haven't had many buyers yet but perhaps theres still a couple that are interested. No one has sent me an email from yet. I'm thinking none of you even looked at it...Please send the site to all your friends....One of thier friend's friends just might be in the market for a nice house here.

I'm in Vehicle hell right now. I had to put brakes on Amy's car saturday and my last alignment 3 weeks ago, was so bad it wore out the edges of my rear tires on the Fiero. I bought 4 new tires today and found a place where the mechanic used to own a fiero. Maybe the fourth time to align is a charm. On the way to work this morning I suddenly realized I had little or no brakes suddenly! I did get the car to a shop where I discovered some kind of leak in the left front brake. If I can just get to work again tomorrow with out having to stop fast, (or at all) I can get that fixed. The motorcycle runs great but it took 4 nights of 3+ hours each, to do a simple change of handlebars that should have taken 2 hours. But it looks pretty good now. Everything that should have fit and worked right off didn't. I guess that's what happens putting Harley parts on a Kawasaki.

So many of the diary writers I used to read have packed up and who knows where. I miss them already. Lonely Latino, don't be a stranger.

I had bunches more tests since the last entry, and have good hearing, stable eyesight, good blood pressure and I haven't died from high cholesterol yet. As a matter of fact I'm feeling pretty invincible right about now.

We got rain & snow & freezing weather last weekend. Weds. promises to put us back in 80 degree weather. Ah, winter, so fleetingly you go.

Rained on but not melted, Curiouoso prepares to get a sun tan this week.


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