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2005-03-26 - 9:08 a.m.

Time for some politics, We haven't had that for a while.

What's the big fuss about Terri Schiavo? Some politicians are just so unethical and corrupt thinking they will say and do anything to try and influence potential voters.

The real issue is when are we going to disconnect the Pope from life support! His ideology has been dead for 50 years, His body for at least 10 years, Help the poor man out and cut him loose from this world! After all, He should want to meet God in person if he really thinks the streets of heaven are paved with gold!

He seems to be holding on to this life a little too strong if he really believes in the afterlife.

My sister in law and her husband had a baby a few years back, born with a condition like an "anencephalic child". Here for info

In thier case the condition was extremely rare in that the baby would never have survived on it's own. Like anencephaly, the baby looked normal, but could not move, open it's eyes, make any sound or otherwise exhibit signs of life. In my opinion a lump of warm flesh not unlike lab grown cells. There was no life there, no nothing, yet they kept it on feeding and breathing tubes for four years, until it just died!

I never understood that. I was of course empathetic, but the after effects of that caused a divorce, 2 extremely screwed up children, both, from lack of or too much attention, before, during and after, as well as major disruptions amongst family and friends. Not too mention enriching the Catholic Church and the "Lourds industry" as they were encouraged to take it to Lourds for a healing a number of times.

There was as much chance of that lump of flesh becoming sentinent as there is of Terri Schiavo spontaneously jumping up and doing an Irish jig! Give it up people! Let life develope and end in some sort of "Natural" way! I think that prolonging life till there's no reasonable hope is the right thing to do, but after 15 years or in the "baby's" case, we're done people, DONE!

I feel for the parents losing thier daughter, yes, but one look at before and after, should decide the matter right there. Beautiful, vibrant woman turns blank, slack and unresponsive, get a clue!
Then we have the issue of Government produced "News" (propaganda), being defended by all concerned lately as good, and clearly pointed out to news viewers as government issued! I've never ever heard any "news" attributed to a government produced story, except that from "embedded" Iraq journalists, which we should automatically know is mostly crap anyway. How about the CNN produced Iraqi election stories? Apparently total fabrication produced inside the green zone, or the "victorious mob pulling down the Saddam statue" story from a year or so ago, with fraudulant edited pictures? Pure unadulterated crappola!

Just remember we have a "Free Press", at least if it covers your local traffic accidents! Of course if you live in Phoenix and the driver runs over and kills a somewhat inebriated person, and said driver is a Catholic Bishop, the news will inform you what a great man he is, and what a slimeball the victum was, and the bishop will get off!

Please don't make the mistake of thinking I'm anti-Catholic today, It just happens those are the story topics that came to mind. I'm an equal opportunity muckraker!

Have a nice Easter, feed those bunnies! Hey, with any luck you'll all be raptured up and Curiouoso* will still be here, curiouosly going, "WHERE'D EVERYBODY GO?"

Just my luck left here on earth with a whole bunch of child molesting Priests and corrupt politicians for company! At least thier'll be lots of "fallen" women to help keep me busy!

Waiting anxiously for the Rapture (but not holding my breath or fasting!), Curiouoso*!


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