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2005-10-08 - 9:07 a.m.

This week was a very interesting week. Homey old aphorisms rang true all week.

Amy is still in Ireland and enjoying all her relatives. Once again she has the luck of the Irish, as the weather has been great for her.

While the cat's away the mice begin to play, true, since I went out and spent $1000. on my self last weekend, the same amount budgeted for her whole trip(except airfare and car rental). Like the song says, I've never had too much fun, but occaisonally I still try.

There must be a Greek tragedy in the Fratricide sister's story, but it turned more biblical in the end. I admit it, Curiouoso* is the great Satan! I was informed that if I hadn't somehow let one sister know that the other kept a diary, she wouldn't have been compelled to seek it out, read it thoughly, be offended and bitch about it. RIGHT, just like I sent the serpent over to Eve with the apple, Eve wouldn't have been able to take a bite if not for the snake. Just think we'd all be running around naked as a jaybird in the garden of Eden if it wasn't for that.

Bad serpent! Bad Curiouoso*! Bad tempest in a teapot!

Then there is the controversy over the porno website that allows free access for soldiers that submit gross pictures of dead Iraqis for the website. Not my cup of tea to be sure, but crys to have this censored and these pictures forbidden and hid away, are rampent.

I take the opposite view. Not only should these terrible images not be censored, but they should, like the returning coffin photos, be shown daily on TV and on the front page of every newspaper! Maybe then people would truly be offended and realize how wrong war is. Or not, just getting hardened to the images and becoming more tolerant of this?? Everythings a risk, but if acceptance became the case, I don't want to live here anymore.

America is rapidly becoming a place of fable, no longer the land of the free and the brave.

How can we be free when increasingly we need to show identification for everything, explain where we are going and why, are tracked down to the penny by government computers, and are regulated by government entities, laws and even home owner associations that no one asked if we agreed to, yet still must pay for.

How brave we are to blow countrys up from a distance, assasinate people who disagree with us, and the word HERO no longer applies to men like Audey Murphy,
but every dead soldier on the news. How many times have we heard the newscaster say, " Tonight another brave soldier joins the ranks of American heros in Iraq, falling to......."

There's lots more stuff, but it's time to go.
It's Saturday and the day beckons.

Curiouoso* and Midnite signing off!


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