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2005-10-23 - 6:56 p.m.

I went to the doctor Saturday and now I'm down 29 pounds. The incredible shrinking Curiouoso*. Our anniversary is 1 week from tuesday, November 1st. 25 full years and still talking (usually!). Then, December 22, is my birthday 54 years old and still here (more or less). It's true some brain cells got lost along the way, but I still have all my fingers and toes, all my hair, and most of my teeth. In fact I got a big compliment the other day, a woman said, "I'm 66, quite a bit older than you, and I've seen it all."

"What, how old do you think I am?"

"Oh about 40, you have such youthfull looking skin."

"Honey I'm 53 and waited till I was thirty to have my oldest, she's 24."

"Really, you look so young!"

Now that was a nice compliment, but maybe she was just putting me on. You think?

I played Grandpa to Ryan's girlfriends 5 children all weekend. They are 12 to 6, and pretty well mannered. Amy wasn't to keen on the idea at first, but we took the 2 girls, 8 & 9 to the pet store for Midnites dog food and had fun looking at the rats, mice, parrots and fish. Then Amy started to enjoy the girls and ended up buying them a bunch of halloween stuff. I knew she would have fun with them at the store. Then it was motorcycle rides for all of them and more swimming.

Still it was nice to be able to send them home later and have our house back.

Come on Dlanders, I want to give rides to some real women not little kids. Volunteer now if you think you might like to go for a ride!

Enough for now 7 PM is time for me to start thinking about Bed!

Ride off into the sunset with Curiouoso*!


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