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2007-04-14 - 7:27 a.m.

OK, by now you probably know I'm a Dog-Slut. There haven't been many dogs that I didn't like. Dogs usually like me as well.

Having Midnite 14 years helped me understand his essential "doggyness". Why dogs do what they do and how they relate/react to people and events. I used to tease Midnite by saying to him, "You are a dog, you'll always be a dog, and no amount of wishfull thinking is going to make you a people cause you're a dog." Of couse he was a bit spoiled and would have sat up at the table for dinner with us if he could have! I believe that since we were his "pack" he expected to be part of everything we did and really "thought" he wasn't any different than we were.

I'm not saying dogs "think" or have "expectations" but their patterns of behavior when raised as an indoor dog with constant contact with people, tends to make them relate to us as "peers". It's pretty important for us to treat them good but not forget they are dogs!

I hope you understand what I'm saying....I think I got off track here somewhere....

I'm happy to report the "Dog Wars" are over around here! Amy said no more dogs till she was ready, maybe in a year or more. I said I wanted another dog soon, not to replace Midnite, that isn't possible or desired, but to bring in another member of the family who will bring pleasure and enrich our lives. She wanted a small dog. Me, something as big as an Irish Wolfhound.

After much discussion and a few heated exchanges, we discussed what this future dog should be like. It should be a people dog, it should be at least medium size, be an indoor dog that is smart enough to be trained to behave on walks etc. Be perhaps a year or two old and mostly or completely out of the puppy stage, and preferably housebroken already. No digging chewing biting or nonstop barking.

Yeah, we wanted an adult disguised as a dog! I even convinced Amy to look at some dogs just in case we found exactly what we were looking for...

We found Rosie the first day, at a dog rescue home. She had been "rescued" from a breeder who was using her as a puppy machine. She was about 3 years old and had had 3 ltters already. He had too many dogs and she was thin and cooped up all day in a cage. She had also been abused in the past and was shy around men.

We've had her a week and she is everything we were looking for. She is well trained and doesn't need a leash to go for walks. she has relaxed around here and seems to feel at home. She sleeps on our bed at night and is excited when we get home after work. We take her on daily walks to the park so she is getting back in shape. The rescue home had her for 3 months and had let her free feed which meant she was a little overweight when we picked her up. Now she is starting to lose the extra pounds with her exercise and is looking like a well mannered Champion AKC white or cream labrador retriever. We don't have her papers, but what the hay, I don't have any papers either!

Amy is very happy with Rosie and so am I.

Thank you to all of you who sent emails or notes about Midnite.

I always classified pet people into either "Dog" or "Cat" people. I would often get along with "Dog" women, but I find that "Cat" women aren't as compatible with me. (This is not any absolute law, just a generalization from when I used to date.)

Cats "love" me. They always come up and start rubbing all over me and trying to get attention. I always feel like they think I'm "one of them." Who knows, if cats were used as "familiars", I did have ancesters on both sides during the Salem witch trial period! Since I'm allergic to fine cat hair like siamese cats have, I'm not a real cat lover.

Dogs, on the other hand, are fine with me, in most any shape or form. I recognize that German shepards, Rotts, Dobies, etc. are only viscious by training, not by nature. There are of course some breeds like pit bulls, that I believe are mostly unsuitable for pets and I don't trust or even like them.

I'm not sure where to classify Our own "Weasel Woman," Six Weasels, but I somehow think she deserves her own catagory! (I hope you aren't offended, being described as a weasel woman could be construed unfavorably by those who don't know, But F**K em if they can't take a joke, or make hurried judgements, right?)

OK, I'm rambling and can't remember everything I mean't to write about this week, so I'm off to enjoy my weekend. I hope your weekend is everything you want it to be!

Curiouoso* Heading out, looking for adventure on his motorcycle!

Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf

Get your motor running, head out on the highway,
Looking for adventure in whatever comes our way.

Yeah, darling, gonna make it happen,
take the world in a lovely embrace.
Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space.

I like smoke and lightning, heavy metal thunder,
racing with the wind and the feeling that I'm under.
Yeah, darling, gonna make it happen.

Like a true nature child we were born, born to be wild.
We can climb so high, I never wanna die.
Born to be wild, born to be wild.
Get your motor running, head out on the highway,
Yeah, darling, gonna make it happen,

Like a true nature child we were born, born to be wild.
We can climb so high, I never wanna die.
Born to be wild, born to be wild.


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