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2006-08-19 - 9:48 p.m.

OK - I've been bad. Yep, I haven't posted for a week or anyone cares or missed me....

Well I've been too busy. Amy has me on another Fad Diet, the Weight Watchers Drop diet. This of course has no connection to "Weight Watchers" and can be purchased on the English EBay for 1 pound 20 p. You know you get what you pay for, right? Yeah we got it free, so go figure. It's actually the "cabbage Soup Diet" which the internet says is a starvation diet, one week at a time. You might get tense and irritible or die of starvation (or Boredom) if you do it too long.

Poppy cock! Irritable? Who me? I'll kick anyones Ass who even suggests I'm irritable...Fuck that Bullshit! Sum- Bitch, don't be looking at me like that!

Well three days down and I've lost 8 lbs. and haven't killed anyone yet, Yet, don't push your luck, mate, They haven't proven any bodies are related to me yet!

Scary movies? Rent "Wolf Creek" that's pretty good, though slow at first. It's actually NOT a true story as claimed, but lock your doors anyway....

Speaking of locked doors, We just read in the newspaper how the nieghbors across the street and 2 doors down just got busted for being on the lam 9 years from Florida (everything crazy happens in Florida!) for Murder and Drug deals gone bad, not to be confused with Catholic Girls gone wrong, though there was apparently some of that too, Identity theft, ect., 22 felony counts each, and I thought they were a nice couple! GO figure!

And I thought the neighborhood went downhill when I moved in!

Groucho Marx once said, "I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would want me as a member". Maybe that applies to nieghborhoods too!

So poor Mr. Middy slipped and fell this evening and at first looked as though he wasn't getting up. Luckily, like a true trooper he finally got up and shook it off. Don't scare me like that you big black Bastard! If you gotta go, it makes me feel like I'm not too far behind, and I want to make another 25 years at least...

Gotta go? Damn diet...I'm gonna run now while the running's good OR before the running starts.

Sayonara, Curiouoso* as he heads for the head!


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