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2005-03-21 - 4:52 p.m.

Dear Diary, Did you ever have one of those days where nothing happens as expected? Not bad stuff, but the equivalent of getting your 4 wheel drive stuck in sand....sand that never ends, just gets deeper and deeper?

The salesman bragged,"This here Jeep'll go anywhere with it's mud tires, built in snow studs, heavy duty winch, 2-5 gallon cans of gas on the back, indestructable!"

Unfortunately there's no Mud or snow to be seen, you're not out of gas and the nearest tree to hook the winch to is a half mile away...Just spinning your wheels in sand.

That was my day today. The last repair ticket I decided to do was really simple, just install an easy program. 30 mins and I'll be done for the day with one solid thing accomplished, right? Nope, not to be. I got there and the computer had a hard drive crash 10 mins earlier, terminal, and everyone lost all thier data!

So I'm sitting here enjoying a Guiness left over from the St. Patricks day party Saturday. If I didn't kill all the remaining brain cells then, there's always hope for tonight.

There is wind here like a hurricane, howling and blowing like there's no tomorrow.

Work was peacefull all last week as Ortiz never came back after last weekend. Where he went no one knows, just never came back. OK, I admit I didn't have anything to do with it, He's just gone, gone, gone. Good riddence? perhaps.

One day older, further in debt. What's wrong with this picture? At least I don't have roaches and the scorpions haven't shown back up yet!

I'm not even curious today, Curiouoso*


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