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2005-07-10 - 3:34 p.m.

I've periodically wrestled with the concept of who do I write for, me or readers. Well It's a little of both, but primarily me when it matters and you if it doesn't change the first reason.

I'm a little disappointed in the reaction from my recycling rant a few days ago. No one seemed to care, like,"there goes Tom on a meaningless tear again." It's the privacy concept people, the PRIVACY CONCEPT. I was born in the west, something that perhaps helped give me my privacy and "none of you're Damn business attitude." Remember the myth of the cowboy, rancher, miner, etc., whose word was his bond? He didn't need a contract for everything, probably said, "what's my name?, who's askin stranger?", more than neccessary, amd that's the way I often feel.

We are losing our freedom to do what we want, when we want, without people constantly asking for I.D. I bought a bottle of wine in the grocery yesterday, and a 19 yr old cashier said, "What's your birthday?"
I replied, "Why? I'm definately old enough to buy this."

"They want me to put the birthday in the register."

"You don't need it,"I replied.

"Then what should I put in there?"

"Put your birthday, or just put 1979 in there. 1/1/1979."

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to insult you," She replied.

"You didn't", I stated, "I'm just sick and tired of all the personal info I'm constantly asked for,"I explained.

Help me out! Refuse bullshit questions! Next time say, "You don't need to know!" Be firm but polite. Let's change thier demands to know everything.
On another note, some may think that Papa bear is so selfish! Perhaps, and I can't speak for your relationship, but it works for me. Even if things were different and there wasn't a Mama bear, Euro Bear and I could not have a traditional relationship. Yes, I'm mad about her, in love, lust, besotted, whatever, but we have too many differences to have a marriage type relationship. She's a city girl, loves parties, society events and people, needs to keep busy. I'm not. It would never work out. Amy and I have had 25 years to grow into a comfortable relationship. No one else could take her place (or Euro Bear's either, for that matter) there is too much history between us. Sex for fun may well be fun and entertaining, but it can't compare to Amy or Euro Bear and the relationships we have.

Signing out, Curiouoso*


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