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2008-07-29 - 6:37 p.m.

You all should elect me this election. I don't care for what...just something where I too can suck off the public tit. No dog catcher or any other office where I have to work. I want to just make pronouncements, order people around, and vote my self huge quarterly raises. Oh yeah, and sell out to lobbyists for big money. In short, I want to be like all the other politicians...universally hated to the point of closing down roads and freeways whenever I come to town cause people despise me so much.

Come on give a guy a break, I haven't made my million trillion yet cause I haven't had a public to sell out! I'm offering you, my sort-of loyal readers, the first chance to be screwed (a few of you literally, but most just in trust and money) by Big Boss Tommy "Curiouoso*" Tweed.

Ok here's my platform:

Tell you sweet lies and pretend I never did.

My ideas: If your bank goes broke (and I guarentee it will!), If you had more than 100K and it's not guarenteed, If you have a house loan or a credit card with said bank, you may deduct the excess money you lose, from your loan, and it will come off the balance. Speaking of the 100K FDIC insurance, What's with that? The FDIC was created in June 1933, when a Sliced 1 pound loaf of bread was 8 cents! In 1980 the insured deposit amount was raised to $100,000. Of course a new corvette was priced at $13,140.00 and today's base price ranges from 46,100 - $83,345. So why isn't the FDIC insurence $350,000.?? I'd fix that too.

Bread today can be up to $3.50 a loaf!

Think on that till next time when I give you more great ideas and worthless campain, yeah that was PAIN, promises.

Vote for Curiouoso* Guarenteed to act as sleazy as any candidate - He needs to sell out soon!


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