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2005-09-02 - 9:02 p.m.

Stay tuned for the latest at 1 AM:
1. Car killer strikes again, TWICE!

2. Javelinas run wild, threaten sick people!

3. Western Diamondback rattlesnake nearly bites computer tech.

Stay tuned!!!!!

Now your nightly news, direct from Whereever, Arizona....Tonight, In the midst of the last hurrah of Monsoon 2005, lightning and thunder crackling and booming in the background, Curiouoso*'s Friday news, We present Curiouoso* himself...."I have good news, I just saved Shitloads of money by not carrying any car insurance!"(I wish!)

You've heard me refer to Ryan as the car killer, right? Well after a hiatus of a few months, the car killer is back, in spades! Two weeks ago, Ryan was driving a company truck when the light turned yellow and some "Dickless Mother Fucker" read dykey looking kid, turned left in front of him. Bang, Crash, Etc., The company truck smacked the DMF's, 1 ton raised 4x4, square in the right quarter panel. Both trucks were totaled, but no one was injured. Ryan was absolved of responsibility by the cops and the insurance. 1 down 1 to go!

The next week, his buddy at work was driving the second oldest truck, Ryan a newer one, when they met up, and his buddy said "I have seniority lets switch". Ryan said OK, but on the way home, the truck caught fire and burned to a crisp, leaving Mr. car killer hopelessly watching by the side of the freeway! The company apparently decided it wasn't his fault (2 trucks dead in two weeks) and didn't fire him. If they only knew!

When I went to work this morning, I was told, "Watch out for Javelinas, They are congregating in the parking lot".

This used to be way out in the desert mountains, but the houses are starting to press the wild area, so javelinas are adapting to civilization. They "Adapt" by thier rules, Mess with us, and pay the price!

No problemo, I didn't see a one, only a baby Diamondback rattler, the first rattlesnake I've seen in the wild. Luckily a dead one, no danger there.

So what's important that's new, you ask?

Amy has a potential job back in northern Calif. and I have a potential contract there as well. Who's going to sell the house? Who's going to help us move? Who's going to make me feel better if I have to leave this great job? Whose going to feed "Midnite, the Minority dog?"

Want to volunteer for any of the above? Especially malking me feel better?

Send your resume or better yet your measurements amd qualifications, to ! Preference given to experianced massage, ect. technicians!

Curiouoso*, trying to turn lemons into lemonade ( or at least, a good time)


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