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2005-08-26 - 7:59 p.m.

New people check yesterday for an all-encompassing view of me. Right! like I'd actually give you the goods, huh?

I'm merely Curiouoso* The Curious Guy.

I'm not giving you the real Tom Amorado. Not even the Fake Tom Amorado!

Read it and weep people, only long time readers and people who spend the time to dig deep have the real Me.

I would love to know you, and have you know me, but if it's too easy... It won't be real!

I have a new job today! 7Am means Leave at 5:30, but I think this is a keeper! You know for as much crap as I've been stuck with this year, I do seem to land in some really prestigious Companies. This one seems to be a real catch. They practice an enlightened philosophy , have a beautiful campus and seem to be a great place to work. OK, I'm going to actually name it for a change.

I'm working at The XXXX (I reconsidered giving the name so as not to be possibly identifed by those who don't know me.If you really want to know, send me a note and I'll tell ya.) I was going to say the Blank institute for blank blanking blanks, but it sounds too blanking
blank, for reality.

Don't mind me, I'm in a snit right now since the nearest and dearest just went to open another bottle of wine, but instead said "I'm only going to open this if you promise this is it for the night."

I said "why".

She said "because I don't want you getting out of hand!"

I said, " Am I getting out of hand?"

Answer, " Not yet".

I replied, " Then don't give me any crap unless I've given you reason!."

I said "then don't waste your time, I'll open and drink my own."

So we're in mutual snits until it gets worked out. Think about it, What a bunch of Bullshit. If I haven't transgressed anything don't fuck with me! If you don't have any issues, don't make waves with the possibility of creating resentment.

This is a celebration, not a race to the bitter finish of who is most right, when.

Curiouoso* is staying in Arizona while Amy is attempting to return to California... What will be the denoument? Do multi state/residences realationships work? Who will move on and who will stay put? Who will be visiting who, and how often? Will Amy get an interesting boyfriend? or will curiouoso* try sampling the wide open ocean? Why should either move on? Doesn't the infamous "you remember your vows" work both ways?

Age old questions only a Macaw could answer with a straight face?

Stay tuned for "Sky King" (and Penny) to the rescue.


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