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2008-12-13 - 7:12 p.m.

Some people are like "slinkies", not really good for anything, but it still brings a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

I've got a few candidates too! The person or automated dialer that dials my work blackberry at 1AM waking me up but hanging up before I can give them a sample of my best english, irish, and other language profanity. Hey I just want to know your home address....I'll be around there some day and verbal expression won't be needed.

Thanksgiving was fun, Melanie flew in and had dinner with us as well as 12 others. Amy really went all out as usual for the holidays.

Rat Ryan has been working for 5 weeks at the utility company and really likes it. He's learning alot and thinks he will make it a career. As a government agency he will have have a job no matter what else happens to the economy.
He has already met many of the supervisors for other groups and has only got good feedback so far. Later he can get into a apprenticeship program in an electrical specialty and have the ability when trained to work anywhere in the country for decent wages.

Ryan has really matured this last year. I think it all started with his visit to My old instructor, then finding his wing chun instructor, who has really acted as a mentor for Ryan. I need to call Scott up and thank him for all the good things he has done for Ryan. as a father, I can give advice and help, but having a successful person as a mentor, reinforces and adds to the education and maturity of a young person. I think that at work, he may have some people who will also contribute as mentors as they get to know him better. Although I stay out of his work life (Other than helping him get the job), I hear lots of good things about him already. It makes me proud to be his father.

I won;t go into to politics as I'm not feeling too good today, and I'll just get "het up" about it.

Amy and I worked out the dates we'll be driving to California. It's January 14th through the 18th, when I'll be flying back from from Oakland. Dear Boxx, you'll be hearing from us before then to work out a time to visit.

Curiouoso is going to bed early to see if tomorrow makes him feel better.....


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