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2006-09-27 - 7:24 p.m.

Who ever thought I'd end up on a search engine page as an "Algerian terrorist?"

Click here for terrorists

try that in your browser! 3 pictures of me along with bona-fide(?) terrorists!

I guess "Dogpile" screwed that search up! The algorithm for that search was a bit too broad I'd say. It did just about as good as the government's searth for terrorists. Next thing you know I'll be on the NO-Fly lists and have everything I own confiscated!
Just think how wonderful life will be when the TIA program learns everything about you and then puts it all through faulty algorithms like that.

Let's see, terrorists take pictures of important things, eat lots of takeout food, never buy alcohol, and travel overseas alot. They also wear swiss watches and like chocolate. You just got back from Europe, bought a rolex duty-free, eat chocolate and buy lots of film. Being busy and growing up in the latter part of the 20th century, you love fast food. Garbage-in - garbage-out, You must be a terrorist! God help you if you have any arab relatives or friends!

Welcome to Fascist America in just a few years.


Since my site was featured as a fun, entertaining blog about travel and partying in Arizona, on another web page, I better provide some travel tips now.

Wanna see the biggest fountain in the world? We got it right near Phoenix in a place called Fountain Hills. I wonder how thet came up with that name? It can shoot up 500 feet and is officialy in the Guinnes book of world records.

Fountain Hills claims to have "a special hometown feeling". Yes, you too can be a part of this "hometown" by just purchasing one of the homes there. Of course there is a slight catch.....

There is 699 properties for sale there. only 41 cost less than 200K.
327 are between 200K and 500K. A full 14% of the available houses are over $1,000,000 each. (98 properties) Yeah they are nice, but then you have to have a gardener and maids, caretakers and maybe a part time chef for those big parties! Not exactly like my old hometown!

Well if you're on a beer budget like me, you can always meander down the road to the Indian Casino, Fort Mcdowell resort and Casino. Maybe you'll win big and buy us both a big house on the hill overlooking the the big squirter!

Check out this site:
and get some great gas milage. I tried one tip, drove exactly the same, and got 30 miles to a gallon instead of my regular 25.5 mpg! #3 acetone is what I did. Soon I'll try some of the others. Hey, It worked for me so far. Maybe I'll save enough money on the price of gas to buy one of those houses!

Curiouoso, Driving like a bat out of hell and still saving gas!


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