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2009-07-24 - 10:34 a.m.

There has been some good things and some other things lately.

The gang banger came by in the early morning and started screaming at me (from the safety of his car 50 feet away) about killing Manual, Ourlinda's 15 yr old. They finally moved to Ca. and since he caused all this crap, I could careless, but then they talked about thier house being shot at and posed that as a threat. The dick took off like a scared rabbit when I went out to talk to him. I called 911,and they responded but police didn't even write a report.

The gangbanger just upped the ante, so if they come here again, I bought a real nice 9mm on the street and I'll cap the bastard. No more fucking around! Hopefully it will all go away.

Amy has transferred back, but is still awaiting the official decision, so cross your fingers for me.

My "friend" suddenly isn't returning my calls or texts so I'm pretty sure that's a done deal.

I'm still not working.

I saw the Pirates get stomped by Arizona last night, and it was a pretty good game (even better with free tickets and a vendor selling $10 beers for $5. Beers that would go for $2. anywhere but a sports stadium.)

I'm catching up in bills but won't ever get them paid off.



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