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2006-08-31 - 10:14 p.m.

You don't need to read this blog to know this is a time of constant change.

Grasshopper, I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

People need continuity and routine to live out happy and fulfilled lives. Well this isn't one of those decades.
Who stold my cheese? I know who, Grasshopper, but you must seek the answer yourself, and maybe the question as well. After all, "remember the horse has no udders, and a cow canít whinny. And up is down, and sideways is straight ahead."

Yes all the great continuity of life seems upside down.

I expect a map to show streets that actually exist; that I actually know the best and quickest way to work and back at any given time of day; that Costco has gas at x dollars a gallon, that circle K 1 block away has gas for x - 2 cents a gallon and Chevron has it for x + 5 cents on any given day.

"Fool! Fool! Fool!
Where is thy strength now oh mighty warrior? In the hands of another?
Oh trusting fool that thou art,
Have you no experience to teach you better?"

Yes I feel the fool, fooled again. Costco had the lowest gas @ 2.50 a gallon Sunday. This morning, trusting Circle K is lower, I went to fill up, finding the price @ 2.69 a gallon! I only bought enough to last the day, cause Stud that I am, I had seen a Cheapo gas station yesterday @ 2.49. Lo and behold, in spite of the newspaper prognosticating gas @ $2.00 a gallon by the end of September, the Cheapo station was now 2.59! Fool, Fool, Fool, Circle K was now 2.58 a gallon, and Costco, my last hope, turned out to be 2.489 a gallon. Go figure Everyone else goes up 15 to 20 cents a gallon in 1 day and Costco goes down 2 cents, while circle K can't make up thier mind, going up 20 cents then down 10 cents in in 10 hours!

How the hell can we trust in life and count on stability like that?

Not to mention the street situation here. The only detour-free road in the last 6 months changed to closed since yesterday, and all the surrounding roads home have detours, where one side is open, then closed the next day, and cones move daily, leading drivers to constantly guess where they should drive and whether or not right turns are permissable or left turns on red lights are the only choice. This area is like a constantly changing maze for drivers. Lose the game, you head-on and die. Win by guessing the right route and everything starts anew tomorrow!

The old saying used to be, Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. Now it's, Nothing in life is certain but death, taxes, the way home, and how much gas costs, and can you figure out the guessing game of where?

Poor Mr. Middy, He decided that chewing his coat was a good idea, so yesterday instead of a raw spot on his paw, like usual, he had a 6 x 6 inch raw patch of chewed skin on his back, and when I went to give him a big kiss and hug to let him know he is still number 1 in our book, he stunk to high hell. Not just like wet dog, but like a dog that ran a marathon last month and forgot to take a bath. As I type I smell dog. At work tomorrow I just have to say, "Fuck ya if ya can't take a joke!" as people wrinkle thier nose at me!

Speaking of work, I almost got in trouble again. I saw this very pretty photographer woman yesterday, and meant to say,"how's the picturetaking coming?". It came out "how's the picturetaker coming?!" As I thought that should have been "Photographer", she answered, "fine how bout you?"
I immediately responded without thinking, "I'm coming fine, thank you!"
As we were standing in front of the elevator, she asked, "are you going down with me?"
I Answered,once again without much thought, "I'd love to go down with you, but alas I'm going up"!

Well, that's not the worst that I stuck my foot in my mouth this week, but the chloroform in the bar with the somewhat unattractive nurse story is still too scary and private to recount here, suffice it to say, she said,
"Thats VERY unprofessional of you!"

Luckily Curiouoso* had his ID badge turned name in and left the scene of the "accident", bunny suit and all before he could be identified.

(Note to self, Curiouoso* still wouldn't want to be in a bar near that woman when she was in the MOOD and had access to chloroform!)


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