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2005-05-15 - 5:48 p.m.

I was floating in the pool in my yard cooling off when I thought of how relaxing it was. My cactus have all been growing madly and most of the rest of the flowers have grown tremendously. I have orange flowers on the right side of the patio, low white ones with bright green leaves in front, Purple flowers in the center front behind the pool between the palm trees, Tall pink and bright red hibiscus bushes behind the purple ones, a 10' long 5 ' tall wall of bushes covered with pink flowers to the left of the pool, and Midnite's grass in front of that, framed by more of the bushes with the bright orange blooms along that wall.

The 4 queen palms are about 20' tall now and are providing a little shade on the wall. Many of the cactus are blooming now and they have the most delicate and short lived flowers of all.

Amy is back from California and has informed me that there will be 200+ guests at Mel's wedding next year. She expects it to run about 15,000. dollars. Call me unromantic, but since when does my daughter think we are made of money? I know she wants it nice and her future mother-in-law is helping out, but get real! Wouldn't a down payment on a house be better? I've also been informed we are putting up all the Irish guests in hotels or houses for thier trip. That could be 20 people for 3 weeks!

Has anyone heard of a "Runaway Bride's Father"?

How about a wealth bank with no security? An extremely wealth widow to marry? (Hey, bigamy is in this year!)

How about a foundation to give grants for big weddings? (Sort of like a bride's Make a Wish foundation).

The good news is that I'm still being inudated with potential contracts. I have a potential $30 hour for a year one coming up. Now, if we can just get a gaurenteed $45. an hour for a year with no interview, I'll take it and call a halt to all the rest of this stuff!

So how's your week?


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