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2007-08-19 - 6:41 p.m.

What a week.... Work went fine but the rest sucked.

There was a good Gung Fu practice Monday, Tuesday I couldn't make it as I was so sore, so we put it off till Thursday. That went well but damn near killed me. Friday I had a dentist appointment for a temp crown, but due to miscommunication, I found I couldn't chew any food because it was too long. I've been eating applesauce, cottage cheese, and pureed food fit for babies or toothless oldsters all weekend. I couldn't make Friday's Gung Fu because of the painful tooth.

Amy and I have been fueding over meaningless crap all weekend. I'm about worn out now, in spite of sleeping 12 hours last night and taking a couple naps today.

I wouldn't want to bore you with any specifics, so we'll just say you wouldn't want to work at a fast food place when I'm trying to get a milk shake in 108 degree weather. Especially when you say, " We are out of Chocolate shakes. And Vanilla too. In fact we don't have any shakes!"

And If I order a "BK Oreo Sundae Shake" and you answer, "What's that?" You'll get an earful of "Don't you know what's on your fucking sign? I'm reading it off your sign! You're too damn stupid to even work at at Burger King, You worthless piece of shit!"

Ok, so I didn't say "Worthless piece of shit", but my intent was clear.

My back is sore, I'm sweating like a dog, and I'm broke as The Federal Government this week.

What ever happened to customer service?

Curiouoso* thinks he must be stressed this weekend. Do ya think?


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