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2007-11-16 - 4:59 p.m.

I recieved this email the other day that shows surprises come in strange ways.

This dog looks like she could be Rosie's sister from the picture. Remember Rosie was a rescue dog too.

Puppies up for Adoption.....LOOK!!


You can't always be sure what you're getting when you take home a new
rescue dog.
Stitch, a sweet yellow lab, came into our life a month ago from
Maricopa Care and Control with some hidden baggage, which she delivered
last night and early this morning: 11 wonderful puppies who look very
lab-like, indicating dad was probably a lab, too.
Photo is attached. Her timing was good. These pups should ready for
adoption right around Christmas.


I was thinking of letting Rosie have 1 more litter, but 11 puppies! I think I'm going to ponder on that one for awhile!

How much does the Government know about you and how efficient might they be when they want to find you and get answers?

That's a question that's on many peoples mind these days, with the continuing loss of our personal freedom. Well, it appears some parts of our local government can be very quick to find you!

A guy at work was a security guard for a short time in 1979. He purchased a pistol to use in his work from his then boss. A few weeks later, deciding security work wasn't all it was cracked up to be, he resold the pistol to a friend. He hadn't seen or heard from this guy for years.

Remember this is Arizona, and to the best of my knowlege private gun sales aren't recorded anywhere.

The law according to the web,

Are background checks required on 'private' gun sales? No

No state requirement that criminal background checks be done on people buying firearms at gun shows, swap meets or through newspaper or internet advertisements. Criminal background checks are only required if the buyer goes to a federally-licensed gun store - all other sales are not subject to the background check.

May police maintain gun sale records? No

Arizona: State law forbids police from keeping records on gun sales. Police must destroy any record of gun sales within 28 days. Police are prohibited from maintaining gun sale records that could be used for gun tracing and criminal investigations. The state has no way of knowing whether people who bought guns in the past have become criminals and are no longer allowed to possess firearms. The lack of gun sale records also makes it very difficult to identify and prosecute gun traffickers or gang members that buy guns in bulk and resell them on the street. Only records on attempted sales that were blocked because the buyer was prohibited may be maintained (for up to five years).

So back to the story: My co-worker was awakened at 2AM by a phone call the other night. It was the local police wanting to question him about a certain gun he owned! Apparently the son of the guy he sold it to had gotton in trouble and was shot dead by officers. They traced that gun so quick and wanted to find out if this guy was part of whatever had gone on. That's pretty efficient and in this case probably a good thing. But what else do they know about us, and what if he couldn't have given a good accounting of the situation?

Curiouoso* sold a few guns in the past, and lots of cars. God help us if any are used in crimes! Not to mention the couple he didn't buy, but that the sellor was under ATF investigation during that time and was arrested a few days later for selling mac 10's, uzis etc illegally!


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