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2009-05-26 - 3:03 p.m.

Here are 2 previous entrys I wrote on war: Http:// Http://

I've been having fun lately, going to the grand canyon, the superstition mountains, Mexico, and Tombstone Rosie's. She was sick unfortunately, but we will get together in a week or two when she will be feeling much better hopefully.

Drunk Ass Pablo will be going back to California soon, as I'm dropping him off on the way to spend a week with Amy going up the Northern California coast. Perhaps we'll stop and say hi to Boxx 9000. We'll be going right up California from San Diego - North. Send a note and perhaps I can stop by.

It's pretty hot here today and popping in the pool every couple hours has become a habit.

I've been so lazy lately I really haven't been keeping up with this so consequently can't decide what to speak about. Next entry I'll to get back something controversial that I can get all het up about, swear and curse Assholes Up and Down! Till Then, Curiouoso* is swimming away.


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