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2007-10-25 - 7:03 p.m.

Who is this? This My son-in-law's Aunt Sylvia. Amy just showed it to me so I thought I'd post it. Sylvia would love to find a wealthy sponsor for all the movies she wants to make, so I'm sure she would be pleased at more exposure. This one apparently did good at the film festivals. Here's a short she starred in. Her son Zach stars in Dorme as well as other fims she made. It's pretty funny, the day I met her she was bemoaning the fact she hadn't been able to secure many voiceovers for commercials lately. Being totally enchanted with her I immediately called up a good friend who did many local TV commercials. When I got him on the phone, I started extolling her beauty, voice, etc., When he started laughing and told me she worked for him regularly! Oh well, another good idea that wasn't! My friend wanted to cast Melanie in commercials in High School, but she said she was too shy. Small world it is. Now the obligatory politics: People like Sheriff Joe Arpeio make me sick. They use thier position to enrich themselves, seek power or both. Any idea of serving the community has withered (like his dick, I'm sure!) long ago. Corruption begins at home right here in our local communities. Why then shouldn't national politicians be as shisty and corrupt as they are? Why do they hide thier addresses? Not because of death threats, but because they are increasingly afraid of you and I, ordinary people. Soon enough some of us will break under injustice and the coming fascism. Just like the in the film Network," Iím mad as hell and Iím not going to take it anymore!", will ring out and there will be Hell to pay. Today's commercial Break: Ever tried Trader Joe's Red Pepper spreadwith eggplant and garlic? It's great stuff, I love it! How bout Trader Joe's India Relish? Also great. While you are thinking about food, why not just go to your nearest Trader Joes and buy some! It's a wonderful store with lot's of tasty goods. Here's where they are. If it happens that you live in the rare place over a thousand miles away from your nearest one, leave now and you'll be there by tomorrow night! Trust me it's worth it! Pick up some two buck chuck for the weekend. Charles Shaw wine for $2.99.... Curiouoso* says Merlot for the weekend, a case at a time, plus, It tastes good! P.S. If you find that rich budding film financer, Sylvia is single! Just don't mention Curiouoso*.....I think the woman hates me lately, or at least she acts the part well!


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