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2008-08-24 - 6:12 p.m.

What a weekend!

Friday afternoon I decided that when I got off work around 1, I would just go home and drink a few Margaritas and go for a long nap. I ended up sleeping for 4 hours with my faithful pooch Rosie curled up next to me. Amy got home after her Gym time and we made some dinner together, drank an excellant bottle of Merlot and most of a bottle of Chardonnay.

She and I watched a movie then she went to bed. I messed around on the computer then called a friend not even thinking it was nearly midnite. I felt kinda bad when I realized I woke her up. It was all good though.

Saturday I did a few chores like shopping and paying bills. Every bill due for the next two weeks is paid save the mortgage. I always feel good about that, at least until I think about how much that adds up to.

Then I went and met a Dlander. That was fun.

In spite of the belief I can hold my own meeting people, I still get a little nervous. You know, How will I be percieved, will I be my real self or somehow come across as phoney or stupid. It helps when the person has some idea of what you are like already.....If you'e been honest. Anyway it seemed to go well....and as for being honest, one always wants to present themselves favorably but it's absolutely not worth it for me personally to lie or misrepresent myself. So that was short but fun.

I went home, had a good dinner watched some Cardinals football, ignored the Olympics (I'm about Olympiced out right now) and drank a couple more excellant wines. (I did mention a couple weeks ago that I had my brother Ron bring me a couple cases of wines from some boutique wineries that you can't get here.) I beter slow down or all of these will be gone soon.

I'm not worried about that really, because with all the family drama going on today, I found myself making plans to go to Mom's house and straighten some things out there. I can't be on the phone for over 2 hours, and Amy the same, getting complaints from 2 nephews 1 brother and my Mom crying etc. when I'm here and they are all 750 miles away. So big brother has to go, step in and kick some Ass in order to keep some sort of family peace. My brother R was so stressed he wanted to hunt down some drug dealers and shoot them. I advised him that wasn't a good idea unless he had a plan to dispose of the bodies in advance. I told him to wait for me and if neccesary I'd kick some Ass in a way they won't even think of ever coming back around that house. Then since I still have that magic power of attorney, We'll have Drunk Ass Pete committed to a mental hospital for a couple weeks so he can at least dry out and someone can talk with him cogently. I also advised R to keep a couple of the syringes around in case one of the drug dealers needs to O.D., like on battery acid and L.S.D. Hey if you going to go, might as well go flying high!

I was having such a nice pleasant day too. Curiouoso, already planning mayhem to keep the scum away from Mom's.

P.S. After all that One of my other half brothers called to see about borrowing $1,000. Call me curiouso moneybags???


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