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2007-12-01 - 5:41 p.m.

Last week just before Thanksgiving I was out in the parking lot at work looking at the fat airplanes flying in and out of the airport. I say Fat because for some reason they looked overstuffed, just as I'm sure they were on the inside. All those people flying in and out. Do the numbers even out and we end up a net 0 gain or loss? Why can't we start up a "Try my Relatives Club" and trade relatives for the holidays? I'll visit your's in Phoenix for the holidays and you visit X's in where ever you live, and X will visit mine wherever he lives!

Most likely it would be real fun, except that one guy who visits someone's relatives in the Ozarks, about who the movie "Deliverence" was written, who after getting lead poisening from the moonshine cooled through the lead radiator, gets initiated into "The bareback club" by the whole clan. Not to mention the Axe murderer that visits someones granny!

Well the Conquistador de Amor had a rough night last night. My back hurt, my foot was sore and Rosie was so mad we wouldn't let her in the bedroom with us she shit all the way down the hallway. The evil brute.

I got a letter on Tuesday the 27th stating that I needed to send 125 euros, to be recieved in Ireland by the 30th, for my Irish citizenship, or the deadline would expire and 2 years worth of bureaucracy would go for naught. Wednesday the 28 I went to one of those big banks that advertise as Friendly Business Oriented International banks, to get a Euro denominated cashiers check. I had cash money for it.

The first one, Bank of America, makes most people shudder when considering doing business with them. They said "Yes We sell those." Then they said it will be $40.00. I said sure. Then the lady said, "What is your account number?" I explained that I didn't have one at B of A and she turned cold as Ice and said I can't sell you one. I said "why?" to which she answered "We have to know where the money is coming from."

I pulled out my wallet and opened it, "Look, real greenbacks, accepted in all 50 states and many Latin American Countries! The money is coming from my wallet!" The cunt!

Then I tried Chase. Same deal! Is there any wonder people hate those big banks? Friendly my ass!

So there's two more companies you don't want to do business with! I'm cutting up a number of credit cards from those two as we speak ( Actually after I type this! It's hard to cut and type at the same time! ).

I got travellers checks for 150 Euros from American Express and then rushed to Fedex and sent them priority International mail. The letter with the money, 25 Euros more than I needed, got to Dublin by Friday at 11:00 AM! Maybe I'll get that citizenship after all!

My buddy tiled the hallway bathroom today and I think it'll look pretty good when it's finished.

Amy and I finished our plans to go to California for Christmas, and are getting ready to buy our tickets for Ireland in March. I'm trying to get a free ticket, last time I went by way of Stockholm. I'm pretty sure Amy isn't going to let me go to Scandinavia without her, so I may try via Brussels or Frankfurt. I have friends both places so that might be the hot ticket.

When you are driving down the freeway, don't you wonder where all those people are going? I do, and I wish they all stayed home for a change!

To sum up, Fedex does exactly what they say, for anyone that can pay! A day and a half to get a letter delived thousands of miles away, and you know where it is at all times! Chase Bank and Bank of America are fucked up. They can do some things, but they overcharge and won't do shit for you if you don't let them fuck you continually by having a bank account that rips you off with so many fees you might as well sign your paycheck over to them every week! A.P. Giannini is probably rolling over in his grave, the over hyped robber baron!

Curiouoso obviously wonders a bit too much!


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