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2007-10-26 - 4:24 p.m.

Next week has the big day in it. Yep, it's here again....Shit or get off the pot. Well I think I'm going to reup for another year. Amy claims if the dog had a decent income she might just take a year off, and start over again next year. Yes, it's anniversary time again, November 1st - 27 years. Next year at 28 years we'll both be 57, so we will have spent 50% of our total lives together! It's actually pretty close this year. I'm pretty satisfied. I know I've got a good deal and she thinks the same (I hope!).

I worked too much this last week and walked too much also. My foot feels like it's going to fall off.

I'm going to wrap this up cause I'm out of ideas right now. I just need to go nap for awhile, get refreshed and good and sassy. Then I'll be back saving the world like nobody's bizness!

Curiouoso* plum tuckered out.


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