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2006-05-08 - 6:50 p.m.

What a weekend. Home alone again, with big plans for some folderol and trouble. Hah! Another wasted weekend in bed by 7 on Friday, a spend money on me day Saturday, gambling and shopping. Then I fired my real estate agent for never calling me back. Sunday he called me all worried about commissons so I gave him the if you ain't dead, you are at my beck & call routine! Some acknowledgement of my call is manditory - even if it's just a I'm busy but I'll call you back at X o'clock. So I hired him back.

If this contract goes thru I have to be out by the end of the month, but the buyer's loan company hired appraisers that didn't even look at the house and appraised it $100,000 too little. The Hell I'll cut off $100K from the price. Stay tuned for the name of these crooks, "Pay us $350.00 more and we'll reappraise it!", fuckers.
Makes me wish I still knew people who would think nothing of paying them a visit with a counter offer, "reappraise this, or find a new place for your business, cause this one might burn down tonight, capiche?"

Hey it worked for the urban dictionary: "its an old word meaning "do you understand?", used by Italian mobsters.

And whoever thinks its an old school gangsta term is fucking retarded.

Ok Salvatore, I want Jimmy wacked. Leave him in a dumpster, so the garbagemen have a little surprise, capishe?"

Actually I only knowingly met 2 "made guys" One was old school who ended up with a brick through the front windshield of his 1964 Aston Martin DB5 that cost him a lot more to fix than he ripped me off for... and the other was a classy sort of guy that I rather liked but apparently took a wrong move on some Coke deal and went off to college for a few years (so I heard from a mutual aquaintance).

More material for some future story.

I quipped my way to a miserable morning by possibly insulting someone that I had no intention of dissing with some quick but perhaps misplaced humour.
I won't go into it now, I don't know what possesed me, but it was a mite bit out of hand. Actually, last week I had Mr. Vanilla in stitches when, while fixing a computer, under a desk, with my butt high in the air like a cat in heat, when the pretty young cube owner came over and said " I need to get into my drawers", which I was in front of, and I replied under my breath, "Better you than me, honey!", which went right over her head, but struck Mr. Vanilla's funnybone. After uttering that, I just wanted it to go away, but people were looking at him wondering what was so funny. Well, it could have been worse, I could have said "Me too!"or "My sentiments exactly", which would have been over the line!

You remember the RU486 line right?

I believe it was the same day or so I said I was the RU486 pill of the computer world, "If you didn't take care of it the night before I'd fix it for you today! Lot's of laughs, except for one person who thought the PMS guy didn't stand for post migration support! Touch and go that one was, and I officially became the PDS guy, Post Deployment Support from there on out.

With that, Curiouoso* leaves you now to quip his way to more trouble some where else.

Hey Love me or hate me, I'm unique!


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