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2004-12-30 - 2:02 p.m.

New Year’s resolutions....Not too much different than the Old Year's resolutions:

1. Understand what people are saying better. Example: my last note, "Dude! You alive? I am not obsessed or anything." What does this mean? Have I transgressed something somewhere? Actually, I am obsessed with "Homeowners" Assn. rules never having dealt with them prior to this house. Speaking of which,
2. Why would it matter what things like the above mean anyway? So, this resolution is “Don’t be so sensitive about things.”
Now on to real resolutions…
3. Get a new lower range of weight. My high was in August 2003 @ 270lbs. the low May 7, 2004 @ 239lbs. mostly in the 240 – 250 range all year. At 6’1’’ this is not a real bad thing, but for health and personal satisfaction, 225 would be a good goal, and 210 the elusive slim possibility. To get there then…
4. Try exercising once in a while! It’s pretty obvious I need to be a little more flexible and regain some strength and dexterity.
5. How bout finances?? Let’s try to have a stellar year, like 2000 or 2001. I’m a little tired of using resources up instead of creating new ones. In line with this goal, I need your help. Please send me great mental wishes for getting a really good job this time (and soon). I got one real quick the last time I asked for your good thoughts! Thank you all.
6. Quit complaining about those minor disabilities or inconveniences really, caused by that stroke 2 years ago, and do something about them…. Spend some time learning to type or keyboard and retrain that left hand to hit the right keys. If I were one of my readers I might think the writer was pretty ignorant with the grammatical errors and crappy spelling. Exercise that brain with some formal education again instead of just accepting that I don’t retain technical information as well…In Short…
7. Don’t be so lazy! Use that extra time to improve yourself!

OK, that’s enough for any one sane person to concentrate on. In other news, I saw Pablo over the holidays. He looked pretty good having lost some weight being homeless. He didn’t seem to be drinking that day, but no change is expected in his Stupid drunken behavior. He has a broken wrist from his arrest, cracked vertebrae in his back, most likely from stumbling around drunk while homeless, and lots of aches and pains. I told him I felt bad that he had all this, but not a bit sympathetic cause it was all his own doing and maybe he’d learn not to drink someday. It’s not lack of empathy, it’s just being removed from the frustration and uselessness of trying to help someone that won’t be helped cause he doesn’t really want to be. Pablo is a great guy when not drinking, and one wishes he quits before it’s too late.

Car trouble strikes again here. My son, like his mother is a “car killer”. He hit a bump on the road which took out part of the transaxle on his car, so He’s driving mine in the interim. My poor old Fiero….will it survive a few days of the vehiclicide king?

Creating new words as needed, Curiouoso*


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