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2006-11-05 - 2:21 p.m.

It's time to vote soon, so here's a free guide to voting to make America better.

Always remember that slogan from the 60's, "Question Authority!"

Guide to voting:

1. Always vote the incumbents OUT!

2. If it costs money vote NO.

3. If a special interest donated money or is part of the group promoting it, vote NO. We have an "Anti-smoking" proposition on the ballot here, sponsored partly by a tobacco company. Make sense?

4. If it doesn't seem to make sense vote NO.

5. If it sounds to good to be true, vote NO.

6. If it has a name like "defense of marriage act", or "terrorist protection act", it's a load of crap designed to sound good while screwing somebody, maybe you! I prefer to decide who screws me, and to enjoy it, so Vote NO.

7. If all the politicians are touting it as the best thing since sliced bread, vote NO, preferably twice.

8. Always ask Who benefits? Ask yourself why we need more laws,especially since most everything is illegal already anyway.

Vote YES only on politician's pay cuts, getting rid of taxes, sentencing all politicians to life in a siberian gulag without parole or the death sentence, and free uncensored and unmonitored internet access.

Remenber EVERYTHING out of Washington DC or state capitals is a lie or scam. The name for invading Iraq was "Operation Enduring Freedom". How appropriate. "Enduring" the freedom we are bestowing on the Iraqi people must be close to Hell.

I expect the Iranians will be Enduring some Hell soon if "We the People" don't stand up and refuse to go along like sheeple with the Evil Bush / Neocon crowd.

I just don't understand how people can continue to believe the crap coming out of our Government.

I also don't believe how honest sincere religious folks keep sending money off to TV evangelists in spite of literally every one whoring, stealing and lying, and getting caught regularly. About the only one who seems to be "Clean" is Billy Grahm.
His only reported scandal was talking about "Satanic Jews" with Nixon. (Actually, just being Nixon's friend is scandal enough!)

Well, that's enough for today. There's no one on the soapbox, so step right up!

Curiouso* awaiting word of how the vote was stolen this time.....


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