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2006-02-12 - 12:27 a.m.


I need some female feedback. How much should wedding items cost? Is $1000.00 for flowers reasonable? How about $4000.00 for a photographer? Help me get real! Do you think this is reasonable? Mom just Shit at these prices as did I! Amy thinks they are reasonable. When I flip out, she claims I don't love my daughter, whereas I think someones head is in the clouds (or up thier Ass!) What's the scoop? Am I in the dark ages or am I right not to jepordize our retirement for a wedding?

Another issue, I think people spend too much time on color issues... If I invite you you to my house, Black, white, "mixed race couples", I could care less, Personality and attitude are what I value, not skin tones. Are you real? Be real and you are my friend, make my friends happy and you are OK. I tried to send an email to a lovely woman on Dland but lost it after formatting for an hour. This for you, If he makes you happy, go for it! You'll be far ahead of many people.

I never understood people who only dated blondes....or said orientals weren't thier thing. Or only dated black men.....Come on, the world of potential partners is a gigantic smorgasborg! a virtual deli of potential lovers and friends....Why limit your self to vanilla ice cream when there are 100's of flavors????

Curiouoso* thinking about Swiss Chocolate with West African Bird Pepper flavor!! Talk about Hot and Sensual!!!!


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