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2007-02-06 - 4:44 p.m.

4:46 PM TUESDAY We're all here now. It's pretty sad. Different people stay all day and night in the ward. Basically it's a death watch...I was there 10 hours last night myself.

The end is nigh but they can't say exactly when.

Sometimes I can't manage to even "buy" a good deed, if such were possible. I screwed up royally last night, but people are too upset and busy to really care about it or be mad.

I just want to crawl in a hole in the ground.

Bye, someone is coming and I don't want to interact with anyone yet.

Curiouoso* 10:45 PM TUESDAY Just as we sat down to a wonderful Indian repast, The call came in. We had just left the hospital with the intention of returning soon, when the news came. Nanny had passed away, a big relief after 2 major strokes and many many continuing seizures. Tomorrow will be the preparations for the funeral and the traditional Irish wake, at home in the thatched cottage she lived in for nearly 80 years and has been in the Quinn family for many generations. We will build a big turf fire and the nieghbors for miles around will come all day and night. This is the cottage at the bend in the road, the famous "road of the dishes." For as long as Molly was there the door was always unlocked, day and night, a tea kettle at the ready with fresh brown bread for any nieghbor or passerbye. It wouldn't have been considered polite not to stop on the way to town or to work in the fields. As the boreen to the neighborhood well was directly across the road, the cottage was usually full of visitors drinking tea and often dropping off fresh bread, Paddy's or a jar of Putchen (sp.? = homemade whiskey). Hoist one for Molly and Jack Quinn, together at last again. Curiouoso*


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