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2005-06-03 - 5:37 p.m.

It's friday again and in contrast to last friday which was all good news, this friday was mixed to poor.

Last week I was called up for a another short contract with the understanding it would transition into a longer one in July. Great news and continuity of work.

This week, after one week, suddenly everything changed and now there was no contract. I understand it was my lack of typing that did me in, it was very typing heavy.

Oh well, I liked it there anyway.

I was working on International user accounts last week. Chinese, Thai, South American etc. The Thai names in particular were very strange....50 consonants and 20 syllables in every one. I saw some pronounced phoenetically as "Waronrats Sanitizeweekly" and "Musthave Pussydaily"!

I'm sure they are fine Thai names but to us they sound strange.

I'm going to go drink myself into a stupor and enjoy the heat!

"War on rats" Curiouoso* bids you a soon to be coma-tized good day!


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