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2004-12-05 - 12:33 p.m.

Hello all, It's Sunday. It's alive, it's alive. Yes and moving too, though not too fast. I dropped Arturo and Treela off at the airport yesterday, just in time to prevent death by over partying.

(Treela what kind of a name is that? I don't know, I just made it up...Don't want anyone recognizing friends in compromising prose you know.) She has the significant other's and my admiration having been a waitress for her whole life until 9 years ago when the big C struck. After a remission/cure waitressing was no longer an option, so the state paid for Autocad classes resulting in a job at an architectural firm and now, 8 years later, she's close to being an actual architect and makes over 50K. That, my friends, was was one long run on sentence. Anyway, admiration is in order for the whole life changing / enhancing trip.

The weekend was great and luckily did NOT result in the big no-win question. To wit, "Do you remember what you did last night?" Asked in the accusatory and ominous tone of the movie, "I know what you did last summer". There is no "right" answer to that one, and it takes a complicated flow chart method of deciding what to answer. For me it goes something like this: (Unfortunately usually muddled out in the throes of a life threatening hangover) Is there any indication or proof I may have done something not kosher? I.E. attractive also drunk women who may have responded to me? Pissed off aquaintences, this morning? If yes, claim you don't remember anything. If no, say, "Of course my dear I remember everything", Leave a slight question in your tone just in case there was some percieved action that you need to opt out of responsibity for. (Make that "sober responsibilty")

If you have been dying to give your friend a big squeeze and hug for years and it turns out she was waiting too, your best bet is the "I must of been really f...ked up last night I don't remember a thing, are you sure that was me?" route.

As I said this info is for informational assistance to those out there who might need it, since these days things like that don't crop up.

I do have this question though for those who know....If a man is alone in the woods with no woman around to hear him.....Does that still make him wrong?

The funniest event this weekend was at the Desert center. A docent walked up to us when we first arrived and Arturo asked him can you break open a cactus to drink the water if you need to. Somehow it sounded like Arturo was suggesting sticking a beer tap in the side and turning on the spigot for fresh water or something, and the docent ripped him a new one right there and then. "This is a desert. There is no water in a desert. The rivers you'll note have no water in them. The only water here is what you bring in your plastic bottle. If you don't have water you die, period." Amy spoke up in that endearing but somewhat wierd way she has "Do you think we should we go back to the car and get our water, now?" The docent was somewhat non-plussed at that and replied," No I think you'll be OK here, theres a refreshment stand right over there."

Georgette said"....."
Wait one minute, I've totaly lost track of the fake names I've given everyone, I think I need to make a "Cast" page like many of the other diarys here.

Curious george or whoever I am signing off.....Curiouoso*


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