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2007-08-01 - 1:01 p.m.

All the usual stuff today....Doesn't Curiouoso ever have anything good to say? Check out this new "eco-friendly" Arrowhead water bottle's claim:

"New ECO-Shape! Naturally we want to help the environment. made with less plastic. So it's easier on the eyes and easier on the environment. Change is good, but change for the sake of the environment is better. ......On average, Arrowhead ECO-Shape was found to be the lightest bottle on the market, containing 30% less plastic when compared to the mean of other beverages." ( Source Here )

Sounds very Green doesn't it?

To me it sounds like an advertising hack gone mad, trying to promote a cost saving idea as a "Green Benefit".

I suspect using 30% less plastic in the bottle saves some % on manufacturing costs. The fact the bottle is flimsy and too easy to squeeze when removing the cap, causing water to spurt out all over you shouldn't matter if it's "green", right? I happen to have 5 other beverage bottles on my desk, and yes, they are all heavier and sturdier. Wide mouth bottles for Gatorade and Power-ade need to be sturdy because the caps take more force to open.

I think it's a farce that this bottle is more enviromentally friendly because it's cheaply made. After all, plastic is plastic.

I noticed this "eco" claim on the bottle after I squeezed it trying to take the cap off the first time and it sprayed all over. I could be wrong, but B.S. advertising just jumps out at me these days. I'm beginning to think it all should be banned. ___________________________________________ A few days ago we were all treated to the claim that terrorists were probing airport security. Examples were made of a chunk of cheese that looked like explosives and some other items. for story, click here I immediately thought, "What a load of crap! Where's the turbanned passenger with the cheese? How come we haven't heard of this before?" Now we know that this IS a bunch of B.S. There hasn't been much coverage that states that, like there was of the "Alert". Click here. --------------------------------------- I think I was drunk on too much sleep this morning. I got up, then decided I better leave quickly as my normal "leave for work" time was close. I got to work at 10 to 5:00, which is a little early. Then when driving to the security gate, I realized I forgot my badge and had to get a temp pass. Of course that wouldn't open any doors where I usually enter, so I had to walk all the way back to the front. When I got to my desk, I realized I forgot to shave and there wasn't a razor in my desk like I usually leave. Yesterday, it was me blasting along and missing my exit, and taking the next one. That was blocked by road construction, and my attempt to detour led me thru all the best areas of east Phoenix, NOT. I spent 20 mins. driving in circles or something, till I found my way back. It's no wonder It's hard for people to get out of the ghetto....once you get there via a one way street, there's no way out! At least not in the dark with a spaced out driver! _____________________________________ Last weekend I went to Prescott with a friend. They had "Shootout on Whiskey Row" 1800's Old West Gunfighter group competition with Costume Contests, vendors & more. I chatted up a waitress for my friend and got her phone number. Got to keep in practice, you never know when you'll be back needing that skill! She was far too young for me anyway. The people were friendly, the weather great, and I actually didn't lose any money in the casino! I actually made $50.00. Curiouoso must go...Work beckons. (Work??? Aren't you supposed to be a semi or off-white collar guy?)


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