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2006-04-28 - 10:49 p.m.

OK, This is it, the last wedding expense rant. Mel wants us to contribrute another $500. for the photographer. Yeah I know pictures are more expensive all the time. Now she wants us to contribute $2000. towards the $4000. bill. What happened to the $5000. total contribution we started with?

And why do I keep getting "the why don't you love your daughter shit"?

Things are just plain out of hand! I've made up my mind. I've never complained about family expenses or paying to go to Ireland every other year so Amy could see her family, Never for the house or any such expense, but by God this is Bullshit! Why should I jepordize my retirement or financial state so my daughter can say we had a fancy wedding? I've decided that I'm spending 25% of all new wedding expenses on me! Thats right, if Amy thinks this is worthwhile I'm going to match these expenses with 25% for the motorcycle! I'll end up with one hella expensive bike and maybe a real fancy car too. I just ordered $2500. worth of stuff, stuff I would put off virtually forever, but if I'm going down financially, I'm going down on my terms!
Who the Hell made it a law I need to cater to every last desire of my daughter? Somebody around here has to get a clue! I'm not going to pretend I'm a rich bastard for her.

Right now I'm thinking they can all take a flying fuck if they think I'm paying $20,000. for a wedding!

Curiouoso* signing out and off!


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