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2006-07-14 - 9:58 p.m.

Click here to go to the best wedding ever!

then for the password =wedding

OK, the photographer is great, now you see why she cost so much! Please look at my beautiful daughter and Nick, your perusal of these pix will make the money spent worthwhile! Hey if you like any of the pix, especially of that handsome dog , me, or Ryan, buy one! Nick is such a stud here and the bride Mel, is so beautiful, that you must get one of her. The whole Irish side are beautiful, now you see why I'm so in love with my inlaws! Heidi, the grooms mother is so classy, how could I not be happy she's part of the family now? Euro Bear looks better than ever, tell me I'm not stupid for loving her! Don't you wish you had a wedding like this?

Bye for now Curiouoso*


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