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2009-01-31 - 10:10 a.m.

The curse of the "spilled coffee in the crotch stains" struck again thursday which was a new record 4 days in a row of embarassing clothes faux pas.

Friday I lucked out when my morning spill missed me and just dumped over my keyboard. Being a tech, I didn't care, just grabbing a new one and dumping the old one.

None of these spills were clumsiness (well not the sort of "oops I missed my mouth" or something), but wierd stuff like removing the plastic seal off the top of a fruit cup and having it sealed so tight that it just wouldn't budge, until with a herculean pull it let go and came flying off and the fruit and syrup inside erupting like a volcano.

Ah, the trials of a normal workday. If faux pas mornings weren't enough, This reorg threat at work has been a worrisome thing for 2 months.

No longer a problem, the results are in. An "official" email came out yesterday explaining the new process, and our jobs are changing but not being eliminated! Yah, I guess. Oh course in the next paragraph it stated that due to tough economic times they would be laying off contractors first, temp. employees next then permanent employees. Duh, we know which group I'm in.....

I suggest they try something different. There isn't any security anywhere these days, so why should tenure be different?

Let's start laying off anyone that's over 68 or 69. There isn't any retirement age there, and if those people aren't set in life yet, they never will be. I know at least 3 people there who fit that description and either just like to work or are trying to add to thier retirement packages. Then, anyone single and under 30. They have a better chance than seniors of getting another job (with the well known age discrimination) and might have relatives or parents to lean on for help if needed. Lastly, they have many years to rebuild a nestegg for thier future.

People with families and those over 50 should be last, as they have others to support, and probably many obligations, houses and cars etc. Over 50 people also don't have the luxery of time to rebuild money for thier future if they have to use it to live now.

Now a lot of my readers fall into the "sayonara" catagory and won't be happy with that plan, but if you realize that incompetant workers and uneccessary posiions would be the first to go, they might never reach you anyway ( unless you are a slacker!).

Curiouoso* awaiting the new experience of welfare slacker.


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