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2005-03-01 - 5:08 p.m.

There oughtta be a law....

So you get up at 4:00 AM and try to get enthused about going to work, which means stepping outside in a cold windy mountain environment, as opposed to a soft warm bed.....turn on the TV news only to hear the new average lifespan is 78 years old. Crappola! I have one foot in the grave already, a mere 25 years to go, instant depression arrives.

Why not some "real" news like, "Scientists discover men over 50 are 50% more attractive to women", or "U.S. Government decides to reward married couples who have lasted 25 or more years with a $50,000. tax credit", or "Men who think the Oscars are sycophantic industry awards of interest only to morons, grow hair longer and thicker than Oscar watchers." Any of those items would start the day off with a real bang and decrease the desire for more life insurance, unless of course it's on the significant other.

Today was actually a good day considering someone bought a half gallon of strawberry margarita last night and true to his promise (to himself), only had 2 glasses, glasses being unlike male parts in that SIZE DOES MATTER when 2 glasses equal half the bottle.

I was having a dream in which I was arguing with a 6 year old about his having fun when the alarm went off, saving me the dreamed trouble of telling the little bastard to take his toys and go home if he wouldn't share!?

It reminds me very little of the 4 year old that lived next door with his very born again parents. Amy agreed to babysit one night and when I came home And changed the TV channel from cartoons to another program I wanted to watch, He said "God doesn't want you to watch TV." Amy said to let him watch cartoons, and I said, "It's my Damn TV", Whereupon the little brat stated piously "God doesn't want you to say that, you'll go to hell!" I couldn't resist, " Really?, Well when God comes down here and tells me personally, I'll never say that again!"

Needless to say we never got the opportunity to babysit him again. It's ok, his mother asked me to help her with a resume once, and I put down something on the order of, "Looking for an opportunity to work hard, learn and be part of a team environment", she rejected that goal statement saying, "I really don't want to work very hard and why do I have to learn?"

But the real loser was the father of a girlfriend in high school. He was a milk man, one of the last in the late 1960's, a last of the Mohicans type in a 1940's job, with 7 kids, one retarded to the point of incapacity, 1 mildly retarded but able to marry and have more retarded children, 1 girl who ran away to become a hooker, 2 sons of average intelligence but both socially disadvantaged, an average girl, no money and still renting a small house. He was actually a reasonably nice guy, but I can't help think he must of wondered, "why me?" on a regular basis.

You're probably thinking "Why Me" when reading this diary! Curiouoso* often thinks , "Why Me?" when diasater strikes.....Fate Mr. Curiouoso*, Fate!


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