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2008-08-17 - 11:05 a.m.

I worked yesterday, locally with Mr. Nicaraugua, then at my regular location in the early afternoon.

I discovered that ALL the laptops are doing the same thing that a couple were doing wednesday. I'm not sure what to do now, but I don't want to have another day like that one. I managed to resurrect one laptop from the scrap piles, and it actually mostly works. The keyboard is slightly tweaked, but unless you are a touch typist it shouldn't matter, It just "floats on air" and and gives a little if you are a keyboard pounder like me. Actually I'd say it's not a defect, but a feature/benefit. Floating keyboard, easier on your fingers as it cushions your keystrokes, and best of all on long plane trips when you've tired of using your laptop, open it all the way flat, place it on the back on the seat in front of you and lay your head on our new patented "pillow keyboard"! Your head will be cushioned by our unique Air pillow laptop, the most expensive pillow available!

Mr. Nicaragua and I went to a gunshow later that afternoon, but he didn't buy anything because he really wasn't sure exactly what he wanted.

He wants something for home protection because of an incident last week. Apparently 3 guys in body armor and carrying automatic AK47's went into the backyard of a house down the street and shot the lock off the back door. The resident, armed only with a pistol, saw them and shot one in the head killing him as he was climbing the stairs. The other 2 shot the resident in the arm before panicking and running away. A next door nieghbor seeing them flee, chased them down the block UNARMED! They jumped into a waiting PT Cruiser and drve off. The house looks like swiss cheese from the outside with all the bullet holes. Mr N. said he couldn't see heavily armed guys breaking in like that to steal someone's microwave or CD collection, and that sounds right to me.

The police gave no details to the papers at all, citing investigation into a crime. Now, it hasn't been mentioned since, leading me to believe it's being hushed up. So were they trying to assasinate this guy or what? Even if there was a million bucks or drugs in that house, I doubt you'd go in prepared for a war and shooting the place up attracting attention. Also the gunmen don't seem too professional running away after 1 was killed, even though they had superior firepower. On the other hand, the resident was pretty ballsy, grande cojones in spanish, facing a potential 1800 rounds per minute as opposed to pistol with up to 13 or 16 bullets in a clip (the ak47 usually has 30 in a clip X 3 rifles).

So Mr. N. wants something around just in case they come back. I think if I saw those guys in my back yard, I'd be going out the front as fast as I could, not sticking around for an old western shoot out.

I had called up a new friend to meet her later that evening, but after losing track of time, not having eaten all day, and being a bit tired, I called and cancelled. I wannted to see the preseason Cardinal football game, though it wasn't real important, and mentioned that. I thought I heard a bit of "not a football junkie" in her voice, and as soon as I hung up I thought Damn, she probably thinks, "we don't even know each other and already I'm second to a fotball game!"

Not true! I'm not a tremendous fan, but it does give me a common ground with people at work. Certainly all of my friends come before sports!

Curiouoso* wondering how he could manage to sound so dumb (to my ears) so easily!


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