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2007-05-13 - 9:11 a.m.

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Music Codes by

Well that didn't can some one help out by emailing me the code to play music on your page? I may be a great computer tech, but HTML isn't my thing, and I just don't have the time or inclination to really learn it properly. Thanks in advance. Sunday 9:13 am

I'm in a music listening mood today.

That usually means a bottle or two of wine, the stereo up loud and midnight or better. (so it's a little early!)

Remember, This is a test, only a test. If this were a real emergengency I'd have linked some Fire and Brimstone salvation sermon instead.

Bitch of the day: A woman parked in my son's apartment parking space for a day and a half, and when we called a tow truck, she came running out of some apartment and started crying about "some people who create trouble", then jumped in her car and moved it to someone else's reserved parking spot! Since she didn't even live there and there wasn't any available visitor parking, I guess she figured it was her right! What a Cunt! (Reserved only for the most deserving people!) I had suggested we park my car behind hers so the tow truck would definately get her but Ryan is too nice. Then I said "Fuck it! lets just redirect the tow truck to her new spot." Once again Ryan declined. That was last Saturday, Remember the day I was so mad I didn't give a shit! I try not to get like that, but some times....

All last night I had dreams of being chased, sliced up, kicking ass and getting mine kicked, and more too ugly to repeat crap. It's amazing I'm not having another shitty day, but after all it's Mother's day and I'm on my best behavior (except the loud music stuff).

Curiouoso* Starting over!


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