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2007-07-16 - 7:10 p.m.

The Arizona Republic.....What can you say? In my last post, I said it was biased with Redneck Neocon Values, had no integrity and outright lied and misrepresented issues.

As if to prove my point Sunday's Opinion page had these articles:
1. A Headline, "Surge yields stunning successes"! Stunning successes? I had to see what abject failures were! Of course that was written by Charles Krauthammer, whose views are somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan. He was once described like this: "Krauthammer is very possibly the worst journalist working in America today, a relentlessly pernicious force, never right about anything, who feels his commentary should not be shackled by the small-minded bonds of accuracy or logic". On February 1st, 2002 Krauthammer claimed in his column: "Iraq is Hitlerian Germany, a truly mad police state with external ambitions and a menacing arsenal." On April 19th, 2002 Krauthammer insisted in his column: "Saddam survived, rearmed, defeated the inspections regime and is now back in the business of building weapons of mass destruction." ( reference )

2. Another Headline, "Security Cameras fight terror." The article goes on to explain objections "that don't hold water", including "Opponents say surveilance cameras don't prevent attacks". It further states, "But surveilance can certainly go along way to spotting threats like suspicious vehicles or packages." True, AFTER the fact, which the article states, yet in London, the world's most camera surveiled place, neither the four explosions on July 7,2005 nor the three incidents this June were detected proactivily by camera surveilane! In fact, authorities released a "doctored" (read FAKE ) underground camera picture! Why? Why should Manhatten install 3000 cameras, license plate readers and facial recognition software if they aren't working elsewhere?

3. Another article, on McCain, states that "a great many Americans" agree with McCain about the war in Iraq. I.E. we should stay. That is an out and out Lie, not any difference of opinion....

Ok you say, Why don't I write a letter to the editor instead of posting this here where probably no one cares anyway? Because I believe my readers, as few as they may be, are intelligent and understanding people, who while they may disagree, support my right to speak up as much as the controlled media does. And YES, I have written letters to the editor over the years and have gotten only one published. That one being rather tame about the local school system, and submitted to the editor by hand, who I personally knew.

On another subject, since Chertoff's guts are so predictive of terrorism, why don't we utilize them to the fullest? Lets hire a Roman Augar to practice political divination by inspecting animal entrails. Lets cut out Chertoff's entrails (since they are so informative already) and use those to insure accurate results. We could find an African witch doctor and a Phillipino medium who practices haruspicy for second opinions. We could get two benifits for the price of one: divine our terrorist future and get rid of Chertoff, a Fascist, Jewish, Neocon who was co-author of the Patriot Act.

Now, The Stupidest salesman ever:

I went to checkout a brand new 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser, advertised for $7998. with all these incentives and rebates. I figured it was a loss leader in the Sunday ads and there would be some catch.

When we got to the dealorship it was late in the afternoon, about 110 degrees out. When the sales man came out I explained we were there to see and drive the advertised car. He confirmed the price, but then said," I have to tell you this car doesn't have air conditioning."

I said, realizing the catch was no air, "No air conditioning?"

I must of had an unbelieving look on my face, so he said," Well you know, uh, way up there, uh, like in Alaska, they don't want air conditioning."

You stupid Fuck! Incredibly dense statement, even for a car salesman. I practically spat out my response, "Yeah, I guess you sell tons of cars to Eskimos from Alaska in Phoenix!"

He backed off and ran inside the building, while we turned and left. I'm sure that dealorship doesn't spend boucoup money every week for salesman to blow sales like that. He should have said,"But we have similar models with Air for nearly the same price, etc., etc. Maybe I'd have bought one but never from that guy!

Curiouoso* refuses to do an incompetant salesman's job for him!


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