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2008-11-16 - 6:52 p.m.

We spend most of the weekend pissed at each other.

I's all about the mechanics of the California move.

I was cutting up more credit cards and she was complaining we didn't have enough money to pay them all off right now. I told her exactly what was in the bank, but she insisted on looking for herself. She couldn't get in to the web site and drug me away from what I was doing just to find out it was exactly what I said. So she started scrutenizing our purchases to find out some that she thought I didn't tell her about. (There wasn't any)

It developed into a "How can we manage paying the bills if you are there and I'm here thing. What if I pay bills but she goes out or vice versa.

So we aren't speaking again except for my retort as needed "You are the one who arbitrarily decided to move without thinking about it or consulting me, so if you think this is bad, wait a while....this is nothing yet!

This is just going to Fuck up our credit, cause no end to bad feelings, ruin all the things we've been trying to do all these years,like retirement,ect.

Curiouoso*, getting really fed up with this and wishing she could just go tomorrow so we could get on with living our lives and quit stressing about jobs, money, the future, etc.


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