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2007-09-04 - 2:13 a.m.

Just a few hours to go and I can't sleep, in fact I'm flipped out about everything....

What if they remove this cast and find my foot totally necrotized and amputate it?

Or in spite of all the notes I wrote in red marker on all my body parts, "Leave this one alone", someone gets confused, finds my organ donor card and I wake up strapped to a gurney in the hospital basement minus 2 eyes, 2 kidneys, 1 lung and a note pinned to my empty sleeve, "So long, and thanks for the fish?!"

(Just have to work Douglas Adams in here at least once a year!)

Worse yet someone decides to do a penile implant and I end up sporting an eighteen inch Chinese White Tiger Penis that they forgot to hook up to a blood supply....leaving me the equivalent of a 90 year old woman with paper thin tits stretching to her ankles?

Damn you Curiouoso*! And me with no more good drugs! Whose idea was that to figure the max amount consumable each day to end up at ZERO drugs right before the operation? Such a fine plan too....


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