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2007-01-01 - 10:24 a.m.

New years day, remembering the end of 2006...and not with too much fondness.

I didn't get hired at work, twice, so I'm still a contractor.

My Dad passed away, Amy's mother had a stroke 2 weeks ago, and it doesn't look good. Amy's 40 yr old cousin had a heart attack last week as her father did twice in the last few months. My 35 yr old niece had a brain aneurysm but is doing better now.

My 21 yr old niece got married, on the spur of the moment, pregnant as can be, and that appears to be a lost relationship already. He can't get, none the less hold, a job, they live with his parents in a trailor, and she appears to be the only one working of the whole bunch, even though she's 7 months pregnant.

Midnite is more frequently pissing everywhere as he doesn't seem to be able to hold it. The puppies are getting bigger every day and are super rambunctious. There are times when my home does not seem like the refuge from the world it's meant to be, but rather an insane asylum of barking dogs, peeing dogs, yelling No! and constantly prying rocks out of the pups' mouths, as they seem to get off on chewing and swallowing half the back yard.

I put a new faucet on the kitchen sink saturday, which is pretty nice, but it took nearly 3 hours for this simple task as the old one was rusted on. Laying on my back under the sink toasted it, and so yesterday I ached all day and had no energy. It feels like more of the same today so far.

Perhaps you can tell I'm not 100% by the negative tone of the entry! One of my New Years resolutions is to be in a more positive mood more of the time. I'm not really a negative person, but it certainly sounds like it sometimes, so that needs to change.

I also need to get something out of my system, once and for all. I always like to flirt, but lately I think I'm too serious about it, maybe expecting to actually have some sort of relationship. I'm not able to carry on some involved thing, I love Amy and don't have the time or inclination to
get carried away. It's not realistic to start a fuck-friend thing up right now.

Right this minute Chapo is driving me nuts with questions.....Why Anna agreed to watch Xavier and Chapo last night is beyond me. I don't want small children around right's as bad as the puppies! Bah Humbug! I'm glad this holiday season is over!

Curiouoso* the Grouch, till later.


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